Cabling Installations

Data cabling is essential for creating a network of computers and other electronic equipment such as data terminals and even tills. Many devices which were once standalone are now easily integrated into a network, allowing for information sharing and alterations. Networks of tills are especially useful because you can easily make simultaneous changes to all terminals rather than each one individually, saving a great deal of time and effort.

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Get Wesley Electricals to Design Your Cabling Network Today!


Wesley Electricals are experts at the installation of data cabling. They provide tailored solutions for organisations including NHS trusts and educational institutions as well as cabling networks for commercial companies and even private residential clients who wish to integrate their equipment. With SMART your current requirements are taken into account as well as your future needs.

We have a specific design process that allows us to create a network that is personal for your requirements. The process involves regular consultancy, communication and idea generation which all contribute towards creating the perfect system design for your specific needs. During the design we will examine your present needs and ideas for the future so we can provide systems that can easily be added to and expanded.


At Wesley Electricals we are committed to delivering value to all customers. Our ability to design and install bespoke data cabling solutions is supported by fantastic customer service and a focus on value and continuous development. All employees are trained to high standards and regularly update their skills alongside the development of new technologies and products. We are committed to staying on the cusp of development so we can continue to offer customers the highest quality data cabling installations.